Tree Camp is a vacation rental that is limited to one group per day. Equipped with a tree house, a bath with a spectacular view, and a kitchen on a 330㎡ site!

Hoshitoge-juku opened on July 5, 2019. This project aims to maintain the subtle balance between the gorgeous scenery and agricultural industry of Hoshitoge's terraced rice fields in order to share them with future generations.

Satoyama is a beautiful town famous for its rice farming. Chosen as one of the 100 Great Towns of Japan, the town sees many visitors from all over the world.
The terraced rice fields are not only home to an important rice-farming industry; they offer breathtaking scenery that generation after generation have come to love.
It is our hope that all visitors will come and enjoy our camp facilities with an environmentally-conscious attitude.
During the warm seasons, you can even enjoy refreshments at our quaint little café, Chaya.

To ensure that all guests enjoy themselves, we ask that visitors park their cars in the designated parking lot and refrain from stopping in the road.
Furthermore, please take all your trash with you when you leave, and do not walk on the paths between the rice paddies.

Forest Campsites

Tree Camp is a vacation rental that is limited to one group per day. Equipped with a tree house, a bath with a spectacular view, and a kitchen on a 330㎡ site!
The Hoshitoge terraced fields offer an unparalleled view in every season.
Enjoy a fabulous sunrise or a sea of clouds seen from above in this secret campsite nestled among the trees to maintain the natural scenery—it's just like having a secret fortress! Hoshitoge-juku is fully equipped with private baths and compositing toilets, making for a luxuriously unique camping experience.


There are many charms to Hoshitoge-juku, from the beautiful natural scenery to the terraced rice paddies and the 300-year history and culture of Satoyama that they embody.
In order that all our guests may fully enjoy themselves, we have a few rules here at Hoshitoge-juku.
We ask that all guests read them before using our facilities. We also ask that guests take note that our facilities are not equipped for those with physical disabilities.

Environmental Hazards

Our campsites are located out among nature. Remember that bees, snakes, and other wildlife also make their habitat there. Next to a beautiful flower you might find a poisonous mushroom, and a charming afternoon shower can quickly turn into a menacing thunderstorm. Please understand that nature is a fickle thing that can easily turn on you.
We at Hoshitoge-juku make great efforts to ensure the safety of all guests, but we cannot guarantee your safety. As such, we ask that all visitors come prepared to protect and maintain their own safety in the case of an emergency. We stress this point especially to those bringing small children with them.

The Terraced Paddies are a Place of Work

Please remember that the terraced rice paddies are the private property of local residents. As such, all visitors are expressly forbidden from entering them. Guests who engage in actions deemed a nuisance to the farmers or other locals may be asked to leave Hoshitoge-juku.

Please send your reservation request by e-mail.
Please fill in the following contents.

Date and time:
Number of people:
Contact mail address:
Other requests:allergic, anniversary, And so on

I will reply to the Contact mail address after confirming.

Reservation request

A Few Rules

Check-in Procedures

Come to Chaya first to check-in. A representative from your group will be asked to give their name and license plate number to the staff.


Reservations are only taken online. We do not accept reservations over the phone nor via email.For reservation confirmation or cancellation, please check your “Reservation Mail.”


A cancellation fee of 50% of the given rate will be applied for cancellations from 12am seven days before until 12am the day before your scheduled check-in.
100% of the given rate will be charged for any cancellations made the day of scheduled check-in.
*No cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations more than 7 days before scheduled check-in.

Reservation Waiting List

1.Clicking on "Waiting" in the calendar will register the cancellation to the cancellation occurrence notification.

2.When a cancellation occurs, a "Cancellation Notification" e-mail is automatically sent simultaneously to all customers who have registered for the cancellation notification.

3.The "Notification of Cancellation" is not a confirmation email. Reservations are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please proceed to the reservation step from the URL in the body of the email.

4.If someone else has already made a reservation, the "Waiting" status will be displayed again, and you will have to wait for the next cancellation notice.

5.You can check your registered cancellation notifications on My Page.


Credit card (online payment at reservation, local payment at check-in)
Cash (payment on site at check-in)


  • Tree house (2F)
  • Tree deck (1F living deck / kitchen deck) (2F observation deck)
  • Bathhouse (Shinraku-yaki ceramic tub / Shower / Sink)
  • Toilet (with Washlet and compositing technology)
  • Tent (The North Face Geodome 4)
  • Electricity

Using your Car

As a general rule, driving within the Hoshitoge premises is prohibited from sunset to sunrise.
*When operating your vehicle, please drive slowly, yield to other cars, and be careful of pedestrians and irrigation ditches along the side of the road.


Parking near the campsites: free /car
Please park only in designated parking lots.

Rental Equipment

Extra tents, hammocks, sleeping bags, tables, chairs, blankets, etc., may be reserved when you make your reservation online.
*You can also request extra rental equipment at check-in.

Hoshitoge is 400 meters above sea-level and has a relatively dry climate. The evenings and mornings can get quite cold, so we recommend that guests coming during the summer bring at least 1 extra jacket with them. Furthermore, please bring umbrellas and/or other rain gear, as the weather can change quite suddenly.

Please refrain from leaning against or sitting on handrails or fences within Hoshitoge, as this can lead to injury.

When using heaters or gas-powered machines inside your tent, please make sure there is plenty of ventilation.


Hoshitoge-juku will only throw out as much trash as will fit in the garbage bag given.

Handling Fire

Cooking using firewood or charcoal fire is prohibited in principle to prevent forest fire. We recommend using a gas stove.
If you would like to use charcoal fire, please contact us.


Campfires are forbidden as they may cause forest fires.


Smoking is forbidden as it can lead to forest fires.


Fireworks are forbidden as they may cause forest fires.


There are no pet restrictions at Hoshitoge-juku.
Always keep your pet on a leash, pick up all droppings, and otherwise make sure your pet is not a bother to other guests.

Drones and Drone Photography

The unauthorized use of drones is prohibited.
*Please check with the staff about making an application for permission to operate drones. Please understand that the application will incur fees.

Electric Generators

The use of electric generators is prohibited.

Noise Restrictions

We ask that you be respectful to the Hoshitoge residents.
Please refrain from making loud noises between the hours of 8pm and 7am.

Food Delivery

The staff will deliver ingredients to your campsite at the requested time. Depending on staff availability, we may ask guests for help delivering food.
Guests are responsible for cleaning up and returning all leftover food and dishes. Please cooperate with any directions given by the staff.


Please use the bathhouses located in the forest campsites. Only use the environmentally-friendly shampoo and soap offered, and refrain from washing pets in the baths.


Guests are responsible for any damages to the buildings, facilities, and equipment of Hoshitoge-juku, including damages to other guests.

Hoshitoge-juku assumes no responsibility for any disputes or incidents between guests, including automobile accidents.


Can I bring outside food into the campsite?

Yes, you may bring your own food onto the premises.

Is alcohol allowed?

Yes, there are no restrictions regarding alcohol at Hoshitoge-juku.
Please refrain from underage drinking and from drinking and driving, which are prohibited by law.

Are there any restrictions on entering/leaving the premises?

Guests are free to exit and re-enter Hoshitoge-juku from check-in to check-out. Please keep valuables on you when leaving your campsite, as Hoshitoge-juku assumes no responsibility for theft. Also, remember that operating vehicles after sundown is generally prohibited.

Are there baths?

There are baths and showers located in the forest campsites. Please only use the provided environmentally-friendly shampoo, soap, etc. Hoshitoge-juku supplies guests with Lush brand bubble soap bars. We ask that you please refrain from washing pets in the baths.

Are there toilets on-site?

There are Washlet compositing toilets in all campsites. For environmental purposes, please refrain from putting anything other than the supplied toilet paper into the toilets.

CHAYA(Café & Info)

Enjoy the flavors of Satoyama, from soft drinks and local beer to fresh rice balls and pickled vegetables made with local ingredients.

Please check the calendar for business dates and times.

In addition, please note that we will be temporarily absent even on the scheduled opening date and time, giving priority to rice field and field work and guests.

Take the Joetsu Shinkansen Line to Echigoyuzawa Station, then rent a car to drive along National Highway 353 (Kokudo 353) for approx. 1 hr 10 min.

Take the Kan'etsu Expressway, exit at the Yuzawa Interchange and take National Highway 353 for approx. 1 hr 10 min.
*A car is necessary to come to Hoshitoge-juku. There are no buses or other forms of public transportation that stop nearby.

Address: Toge 728, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture 942-1351
Phone: 025-594-7600